An Empathetic Hand

A young woman I was in love with for years was sexually abused when she was young. When the time came to help her power through that, I did. Her mom had still been married to the gentleman responsible (not aware of the abuse). I convinced her to tell her mother, and it caused a rift between them, I am sad to report. She didn’t believe her daughter. This threw my former partner even further into depression. It was a tragedy to be so close too.
My boss and I were able to discuss the issue and he recommended her to a therapist. Upon their First session, the woman contacted C.P.S. the guy bailed the state he was a resident in and disappeared to our knowledge. As difficult as this all was, I wouldn’t have given up that shared part of our life for anything. The emotional damage wrought was tremendous, and whole nights would be spent, just letting her scream and be mad. Cry, and fall into despair. I watched this poor girl fall apart and all I could do was hold and console her. Try to build her back up every time I saw a portion of the wall fall down, I would very attentively do my best to pick of the pieces and mend them back into their place as best of my capabilities.
My shoulder damp, and eyes black and baggy from weeks spent just holding her whilst she cried until 8, or sometimes 9 in the morning. Years of pent up pain being exorcised. All night long and there was nowhere I would have rather been.
This went on for months and though we didn’t stay together, I will never regret being there for her. I pray to God that I helped make a difference. I pray that whatever amount of love I was able to pour into her was enough to pull her through that and help initiate the healing process. You never realize what life can do to people until you see the worst that can happen. All we need in moments of extreme morose and distress is an empathetic hand to hold ours and walk us through the darkness. We all need one at some point in our lives and I am just glad I was able to fulfill my part when the time came. With any luck she can pass it on when the right opportunity arises (which I know she will).

Aaron Drake