Can I buy you a coffee

So I was standing in line at a 7/11 and I had a cold drink called an Arizona in my hand. My turn was up at the front counter. I went for my wallet and my pocket was empty. Embarrassed, I smiled at myself and said “Sorry I will put it back”. I turned around and a construction worker standing in line behind me, who looked like he just had one hell of a day, said “hey bud let me get that for ya”. I replied “Wow thanks sir. You sure?” He said “Yeah no problem”, and he purchased his drink and mine. Now on top of that I ran into this same man the very next morning at Starbucks. So I said with a smile on my face “Hey, the man from 7/11, can I buy you a coffee?” Since I had my wallet, he gladly accepted my atonement for the previous day. We shook hands and went our separate ways.

Christopher Richard