Her Name is Jane

Her name is Jane. She is someone’s daughter, a single mom, 5′ 2″, and she looks like the “Girl Next Door.”  In years past she had also been addicted to drugs and alcohol and been homeless and hungry.  She knows what it is to be on the street all alone and knows what it is like to hit rock bottom.  But the scars do not show on her face; she is beautiful inside and out. Today she is paying it forward because she has had a hand up back into life.  I didn’t know her then, but today she is thriving, and I’m proud to call her a trusted friend.

She has worked very hard to re-establish her life.  She has even helped to build her own home from the ground up and assisted nine other families in building their homes as well. In fact, she became the spokesperson for this band of ten families, never asking for anything in return.  How many times have you driven past a homeless person on a street corner with a sign asking for help and not stopped?  Hundreds of times, I am certain. Not Jane!  She will stop, ask what their immediate needs are, and give them rides or hand them the last $5.00 she has in her purse that was meant for her family’s dinner that night.  Sometimes, I have known her to take them to her home so they can clean up and have a warm meal, and give them clean socks or clothes that she collects and carries in her car.  Some Saturday mornings, Jane drives to a church in town and assists with the Food Bank, once again trying to make sure that all human needs are met.  Silently praying over each as they leave.  Paying it forward!

Jane is not a super star, but she is a “Hero” to all the people she reaches out to help.  Watching her reminds me each day of selflessness and putting others’ needs ahead of our own.  Jane is the richest person I know!

Marilynn Riggs