My father

My father is an interesting man. We have very different perspectives in life, but there is one thing I know where we have common ground: his philosophy about how to treat your neighbors.

Growing up I always witnessed as he mowed the lawns of the neighbors who were unable to do so themselves and walked the dogs of owners who were unavailable to give full attention because of unforeseeable circumstances. He even gave his extra car to a friend who was down on his luck and needed transportation to get the rest of his life in order.

He owns an Army Navy Store in Idaho. One day at the store he overheard a few people talk about how a fundraiser for a local non-profit was in need of temporary goods for the event. Without hesitation he offered to loan the needed goods from his store. I will never forget the reaction on their faces because of his generous offer.

I also will never forget the reaction of the woman at the 711 in Los Angeles. He had me follow her in my car into the parking lot so he could tell her that her back tire was near flat. She was hesitant at first as he approached her, but flashed a smile and said “thank you” after he explained he was concerned that she would get onto the highway with a damaged tire.

Those small things are really big things to me. Those small actions exemplify how we should treat each other, because we’re all in this together. He never hesitates to jump in when he sees someone needs help, and I will always love my father for that.