New Life

Do you know the wonder of life? I feel compelled to talk about it. I have a slight advantage, I imagine, as my calling allows me to see and touch the very essence of the purest form of life….the sheer delight of a brand new, never seen before human being slipping into my hands. The wonderful part for me is that new life comes here after many weeks of work being done in secret. It comes after many hours of travail. It comes after the heart of God says “yes, I know you, little baby. I have a purpose for you.” It thrives in the hands of parents who choose to see, connect with, and nurture these little humans past our own knowing or capacity.

I personally would have chosen to bring more little humans across the threshold into this grand adventure. For me, it has been two. My children are my greatest thrill and my deepest honor. Jason and Alicia, everyday you stir my heart to dig deeper, treasure moments that will be gone in a flash, and to press harder understanding the wonderful design of who you are. I splat on my face often as my children know. Yet, you two continue to choose love and life with me. I did not get what I deserved when God sent you into my world. I received the mercy and grace of the One who gives extraordinary life upon life. My cup runeth over. Thank you my children for the gift of your healing impartation in my life.

J Stafford