Pay It Forward

I walked into a McDonald’s to grab a quick bite, and I wasn’t expecting to see a couple in front of me asking management for a possible free meal. They weren’t getting very far, and I started talking to the man, who had told me that he had lost his job and he was currently having no luck finding a new one, and that he was very scared because he didn’t know how he was going to be able to provide for his wife and kids. I instantly empathized and then some. I have been jobless and homeless, luckily without the added stress of having kids on top of that. Thankfully I always had friends or family that would let me stay with them while I got back on my feet.
I decided that I would buy them a meal, and some extra burgers and fries. It was only twenty bucks and that wasn’t going to break the bank. So I did, and it felt really good because I was able to help someone, like there was always someone there to help me when I needed it. Being able to pay it forward, even if you aren’t paying the person who helped you back directly, is a profound thing because it isn’t about paybacks and debts; quite contrary, anyone who truly lends a helping hand only expects you to do the same if someone else truly needs it.

Stephen “Jeeves” Asbach, California