The Man, Wheelchair, Bottle and Bible

I was walking home from work one day when I saw a man in a wheelchair trying to get across the street. I asked him if he needed some help, and he said yes. As I was wheeling him through the crosswalk, I noticed he had been drinking a lot. We started talking, and he broke down crying, revealing his son had passed in a car accident.
At the time, I always kept a small Bible in my backpack, so I shared a couple verses with the gentleman from Revelation 21 verses three and four and John chapter five and verses twenty-eight and twenty-nine about Jehovah’s promise for the dead. We talked a little more, and I asked if I could check in on him after leaving him at his apartment and he agreed.
I stopped by the next day and found him at home, and he told me: “I want to thank you. I was going to kill myself last night, but what you shared with me really helped.”
I was happy that the love and hope that the Lord Jehovah bestows upon us is able to pull us out of our darkest moments. I was happy that I had run into him the way I did and that somehow it was the thing that he needed then and there. I checked in on him many more times to make sure he was still doing okay, but eventually I lost contact with him and I still think about him and pray that he is well.

Andre Gurule, Reno Nevada